Originally Chocolates Gure S.A.C. was operating as a family-owned business oriented to the affordable niche of the market. At the moment we are a fast-growing company thanks to our international and highly-qualified team, whose objective is to consolidate our brands into a strong portfolio and strengthen national distribution. Our current product range is well-divercified and gives us presence in the Premium, Mass market, and Affordable segment.


We are a confectionery and groceries company which provides quality products with high value, delighting our customers. We are committed to set high standards of excellence, responsibility to benefit consumers.


Chocolates Gure aims to be one of the key players in Peru with differentiated product portfolio to meet the needs and expectations of the market. Our vision is to grow together with economic growth of our country, strengthening our growth by improving the distribution and smart positioning of our brands.

Key Principles

Focus on Objectives: We aim to develop all our activities based on our objectives.

Commitment to Values: We are an organization that believes success is achieved by demonstrating our values which express the company's position and responsibilities to all those involved in the company.

Market Orientation: We seek to meet the market taste, delivering products our consumers want and developing excellent relationships with our suppliers and customers.

“ The company is responsible As for delivery of products, coming in good condition and on time. ”